Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I found the centenary WoGE at Péter Luffi's site so now it's my turn.

One great aspect of WoGE is that while searching for locations, sometimes I'll see something I've never seen before and I'll stop right there and go and find out what it is.

This is one of those locations and at an oblique view to give a better sense of relief. To make it ever so slightly more challenging the east side has been clipped.

The Schott Rule is back and in effect - you must wait one hour for every previous Wo(G)E that you have won.

Please post the latitude and longitude and a comment on the geology.

Posted at 23:01 GMT


mark said...

i don't know the protocol here. i think i am wrong but is in eastern zambia, SE of a town called Mpika?
Looks to be a big ne/sw trending fault just to the east of this.

jma said...

I see where you mean but sorry, this isn't the location.

Peter L said...

OK, finally found it: 4.82N 116.89E. It's the Maliau Basin, the catchment of the river with same name in Malaysia. Has been formed in Miocene shallow coastal sediments, uplifted above sea level ~9 Ma.

For example here is a little more information for those interested:

JMA said...

You're right and it's your turn again. Can you put a link to #102 here when it's ready? Thanks.

JMA said...

Peter, it looks your link to the Maliau Basin has been truncated so it's here too.

Peter L said...

WoGE #102 is posted. Sorry folks for the delay. JMA, thanks for re-linking that address.